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How to get sponsorships in esports: your free starter package!

Ecore gives you everything you need to run your own esports team. Our management platform offers great value - but this esports partnership package even more. With multiple years of experience in the esports industry and a broad network of companies we have worked out a free sponsorship package. For us it is extremely important to provide great value to the industry and help others, as we have received help ourself.

Not sure if the package is made for you? If you are...

  • a person who wants to know more about the esports ecosystem
  • a founder who wants to gain more important knowledge regarding sales
  • an existing organization who struggled getting sponsors

this is definitely made for you. Simply provide your mail address, confirm it and we will deliver what you need.

The package includes:

  1. A partnership presentation with all of the essential slides, including advertisement options and partner packages with a total of 15 pages plus assets (game logos, flags, design, ...) and the .odp file
  2. A monthly partner report to increase the quality of communication between you and your existing partners (including .docx file)
  3. A PDF with 10 tips for you and your partner workflow, including communication tricks, networking ideas and value definitions

Are you ready to level up your experience?

This package is available for free with the intention to help the esports scene grow. We support upcomers as well as non-endemic companies. If you have some additional questions, email us!

Contact us at info [at] teamup [dot] management to get your free sponsorship package!