What we have planned for the future

We develop TeamUP with you in mind. This is why we are in constant exchange with our community and redefine what is important for us. Feel free to leave any feedback on our Roadmap! It is currently only available in english.
What we are currently working on and will be finishing soon
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User settings
Remove settings such as timezone and move them into an userbased configuration option
Improved permissions
Add team-based permissions for better control on specific features such as the calendar
Reset password
Users will be able to reset their passwords directly from the login screen
Improve mobile usability
Improve the user flow on boards and files, include more modal views for mobile users and set the basics for our PWA
Be able to manage your inventory, track items and integrate them into user and contact profiles
Add the option to create and manage one-time or recurring invoices and include a simple contact management
What we will be working on which we hope to complete by the end of Q2 2019
Improved events
Publicly share events, invite people from outside of ecore, add the ability to export calendars to other platforms and improve the invitation system
Complete accounting
Manage your incomes and expenses, add supporting documents, view detailed statistics and connect it to the existing invoices
Attach files to elements
Let the file cloud be for file sharing. Add support for attached files to almost any important element such as events, boards, matches and users (e.g. for contracts, event tickets and much more!)
Setup an API
Setup an API to make data from ecore accessible for webpages. The API will include GET access to important elements such as events, pages, teams, users and matches
Things we want to do, but haven't put any particular date on
Two-Factor Auth
As we handle highly important information and financial details, we want everyone to be as safe as possible. Include 2FA for more security
Form designer for registration
Currently all users have to be added manually to ecore. We want to integrate a form designer which enables everyone to design their own registration form, with whatever information is required