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Ever felt overwhelmed with your workload? Got lost in upcoming meetings and events? We will help you to create your own workflow and offer the tools you need for your sports club or esports organization.

An amazing experience for people who admire an efficient workflow

Managing team data, scheduling events, sharing files and organizing your tasks can be as easy as a few mouseclicks.

We started the same way you did. Searching for a platform to create an amazing brand and make the life of everyone easier. TeamUp was built around that, and puts you into the focus.

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Tools for everyone

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Struggling to keep up with everything what happens in your club or currently launching a fresh one? Start in no time with the tools TeamUP offers.

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Fast and easy-to-use calendar for multiple teams. Assign events to multiple users or teams, add recurring trainings or notify your members about a new event. The calendar is fully integrated into the other modules, matches and open tasks are automatically added.

File Cloud

File Cloud

We help you to get rid of unnecessary amounts of files in your private folders

The TeamUP file cloud offers you full control. Upload previous match reports, important graphics or contracts. The cloud comes with an extensive permission system which allows folder-based access and easy file-sharing abilities.

Project Boards

Project Boards

Stop using outdated todo lists and make your teams life easier

The project management boards allow you to create your personal workflow. Add new categories and attach simple sticky-note like cards to it. Boards are amazing for any usecase: Social media scheduling, event preperation, team management.

User Admin

User Admin

Ditch those old excel lists and upgrade to a better overview. Manage your users and teams directly in TeamUP and add custom profile fields for additional information you might need.

TeamUP is great for...

Any team which wants to take the next step to professionalization!

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What you will get with TeamUP

Time is money. We help you spending less time on work, while you can focus on building an amazing brand!


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You are ready to go in seconds. Sign up, choose your package and get started.

Save money

Stop spending hundreds of hours with management each year and let us do the work.


Successful people are great in communicating. Our platform was built around that core.


We will deploy new updates instantly when they are ready to use, with little to no downtime.

Project Boards

Upgrades available

You need more?

We got you! We take care of your backoffice while you manage your club.

Manage your business contacts and track your activity. Create and generate invoices for your members or partners and access your finances from anywhere. Any features missing? Email us so we can help you out!

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Sometimes easy things can be overwhelming.

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

Yes. We have a limited free version available for smaller and upcoming teams. We believe that quality is important, for anyone. Check out our pricing page for more information!
We are always interested in sponsorships and extended partnerships. If you think that your club can match the core principles of TeamUp, email us at Please attach a small presentation about your team.
Yes! In case you are interested in working with TeamUp, mail us at or contact our support team on the website and we will reach back to you!
Definitely yes! You can contact us at to let us know your needs. If your suggestion represents any value for a broad range of our customers we make sure to integrate it.

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